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Many seniors and their families are interested in learning more about scholarships and other forms of financial aid to help pay for post-secondary schooling / training.  Below are resources to help! 


FAFSA: How can I apply for financial aid? 

  • Filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Financial Aid) is an important first-step in the financial aid process.  Students may begin the application process after parents complete their tax forms.  Apply online for the free federal financial aid form required for federal based loans and other monies at post secondary schools. Students may begin applying for the FAFSA anytime after October 1.  Below are some resources that may help in the process: 


Scholarship Resources: Where can I find scholarships? 

  • Local Scholarships: School-specific scholarships are released each year in late February / early March.  Seniors will be invited to an informational session to learn more about the process.  All applications will be due to the Student Services on April 1st. 
  • Outside Scholarship Sheet: This sheet contains scholarships offered outside of our school but within and around the GET community; keep in mind many local organizations, churches, etc. offer scholarships, too! 
  • National Scholarship Sites: These sites host a wide variety of scholarships for students with a variety of backgrounds, situations, and plans on the national level.  Due dates, criteria, and applications vary.  
  • College/university-specific scholarships: Many colleges and universities offer scholarships specific to their own students.  If a student has been accepted at a college/university, search the school's website or reach out to their admissions office to find more information.  
  • Employer scholarships: Some employers offer scholarship to their employees and / or their employees' children.  Check with the HR department!  


Scholarship Tips: How can I find success when applying for scholarships?